Pop Culture Reflection: Former Bears QB and Super Bowl Shuffler Jim McMahon

4 Sep

My pop culture reflection goes to former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon. He was one of the big fun-loving personalities to come from the Super Bowl XX team during the mid 80s!

The first word that pops in my head when I see McMahon is, “Outrageousness,” as stated from the Honda Scooter commercial he did in the 80s.

According to an article from the Huffington Post, the 1985 Bears are  one of the greatest teams in NFL’s history. Even though it has been 26 years President Obama decided to host them for their formal White House visit in 2011; the team never got to have the traditional visit due to the 1986 space shuttle Challenger explosion.

I had to do a wiki search to get the exact year but the Chicago Bears recorded a big rap hit in 1985 called the Super Bowl Shuffle.  Of course McMahon is one of the rappers referring to himself as the, “Punky QB!”

I think that rap was so clever and successful and it obviously made its mark in pop culture.

I was reading a CBS sports article that mentioned McMahon’s recent appearance on the Dan Patrick Show. McMahon talked about his health issues with dementia and the $765 million settlement reached in the concussion lawsuit filed by former NFL players.

I was sad to learn he has suffered so much with his health and that he had even contemplated suicide! I think the lawsuit settlement did seem to shine a ray of hope for him.

I remember that Honda Scooter commercial he did because it was one of those commercials that aired a lot in the mid 80s.

The commercial held my interest as a kid because of the fast-moving clips of McMahon in different outfits, making silly faces and of course his sunglasses.

I especially liked when he said, “Wasn’t that fun.”

I use to even repeat it with him sometimes.  (nerdy kid that I was)

From my perspective watching him in those 80s commercials as a kid, he just seemed like this cool sports guy who had fun on a Honda Scooter and liked eating Taco Bell.

I linked commercials below after I happily found the Honda one from Commercials818 You Tube channel and I found a link to the Taco Bell one from Jason Harder’s You Tube channel.

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