Gem of the Week: Passenger

28 Aug

Passenger is a newer british artist who is definitely worthy of a listen.

The Facebook fan page stated that Passenger started out as a five piece band but in 2007 the members chose to go their separate ways.

Singer Mike Rosenberg decided to embark on his solo project and kept the Passenger stage name for himself.

I think he is a good songwriter and the solo gig is working out for him.

His vocals and folksy acoustic style remind me of Paul Simon.

I listened to a few songs from his 2012 release, All The Little Lights and I absolutely loved his lyrics.

He is simply a guy with his guitar and the songs, Keep on Walking and All The Little Lights are my favorite so far.

I look forward to exploring more new songs from Passenger.

You can check out the official website and listen to his music from the link below.



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