Gem of the Week: Sufjan Stevens

11 Sep

I stumbled across an artist named Sufjan Stevens, who does a stellar R.E.M. cover of The One I Love!

Since R.E.M is my favorite band, I always click on any You Tube video involving R.E.M.

Good thing I clicked on this video otherwise I may have never discovered another lil’ gem.

Stevens is a mix of Indie/Pop/Folk style; he has a soft croon to his voice that reminds me of a young Bob Dylan.

According to his bio from Asthmatic Kitty Records, he is from Detroit, Michigan and his most well-known concept state albums are Illinois and Michigan released in 2004 and  2005.

I checked out other songs on You tube from him ; his version of the gospel song Holy, Holy, Holy is really good too.

Stevens covered The One I Love well and made it his own which is impressive!

Please check out the link below of The One I love cover from Pat Mcinnis You Tube channel.

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