Gem of the Week: Heavy Metal Cover Band “Mac Sabbath”

14 Jan


My gem this week gives props to L.A. based heavy metal act Mac Sabbath, a smart twist for a Black Sabbath cover band.

Last week I checked out the mega trending parody for “Iron Man” called “Frying Pan,” on Facebook and found it oddly genius. I think anything involving Black Sabbath can never be uncool plus heavy metal and fast food are now more closely related than I could have ever imagined.

I initially thought the idea was ridiculous but after I took in the whole act while paying attention to lil’ touches like the horns on Mayor McCheese, the dark clever lyrics about fast food and heavy metal theme, it ties into a crazy well thought out concept. I have to admit I was curious enough to watch it and I now conclude that Mac Sabbath is a hilarious success. I can also see their live shows turning into a lot of fun so they could have a good thing going here.

I also love the whole demented revamping of the McDonald’s characters and I’ve always considered Ronald McDonald’s character as too creepy for kids. Mac Sabbath on the other hand totally embraced his creepy side and turned him into a heavy metal clown, I’m lovin’ it.

You can check out more videos for the band on their official Facebook page.

Below is the link for “Frying Pan” shared from Mike Odd’s You Tube channel.

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