Gem of the Week: “Living in Darkness” by Agent Orange

7 Jan


My gem this weeks goes to the album Living in Darkness by California surf/punk band Agent Orange. This is one of those albums I love in its entirety!

The band released the album in 1981 and it was their debut. However, the album that I have is the 1992 reissued version which has extra tracks and a band interview included.

I bought Living in Darkness over 14 years ago in a used CD section at a music store. I remember I had grabbed the album in exploration and decided to pop it in and listen to it. I let the first track “Bloodstains” play for a few seconds and I liked it so much that I knew It was unnecessary to listen through the rest and bought it.

Those type of explorations was something I loved doing back then and that habit helped me stumble into some of the best music I have ever heard. Agent Orange is a find that has been such a gem in my music collection.

I can listen to the tracks on Living in Darkness over and over and sometimes it’s cool to revisit stuff I have not listened in a while and reflect on how awesome the music is all over again.

Hearing tracks like  “No Such Thing”, “Living in Darkness” and “Bored of You” vent it all out for me. This album also includes awesome Dick Dale covers of “Pipeline” and “Miserlou.”

Vocalist/guitarist Mike Palm sings in that true hardcore punk and uncompromising nature. I love when a singer can deliver their aggression in raw manner.

Agent Orange has an official band page on Facebook and they are still around and even currently touring.

Below is the link to listen to the whole album shared from Saufsoldat1994’s You Tube channel.

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