Gem of the Week: “Wild in the Streets” by Circle Jerks

19 Nov


My gem this week goes to the album Wild in the Streets (1982) by hardcore punk band Circle Jerks.

The band is from L.A. and are a great old school punk band. Frontman Keith Morris was originally the vocalist and co-founder of hardcore band Black Flag before he founded Circle Jerks.

Sometimes I just have to pop in this album to get through a crap day and it’s one of my favorites in my collection.

The entire album has an uncompromising mood and vents through common frustrations. The tracks I listen to the most are: “Leave Me Alone” which says it all, “Trapped,” “86’d (Good as Gone) and “Letter Bomb.”

I think Morris has a great voice made for venting as his lyrics seem to roll off the tongue.

So far I have never disliked any band Morris has been a part of. His most recent project is a band he formed in 2010 called Off! According to the band’s website, their latest album release is Wasted Years (2014) and the band is also currently touring.

I listened through Wasted Years and I think Morris can still crank out hardcore gems with Off! while staying rooted in his classic brash style.

Below is a link to listen to Wild in the Streets shared from R.A.C. and Roll Pride’s You Tube channel.

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