Gem of the Week: “Words As Weapons” by Seether

12 Nov


My gem this week goes to “Words As Weapons” by alternative rockers Seether.

I’m really digging this song currently which is off the bands latest and sixth studio album Isolate and Medicate.

When I first heard Seether on the radio back in the early 2000s I did not care for them too much.

But over the years their songs started to grow on me like “Broken” featuring Amy Lee from Evanescence (2004)  Even their known hit “Fine Again” (2002) also grew on me.

The bands songs in general carry that melodic catchy vibe that I like.

I also love frontman Shaun Morgan’s vocals because I hear the passion and yearning in his vocal delivery.

I think “Words As Weapons”  has the impact to linger in your head.

According to the bands official site, Seether will be touring with Papa Roach. I checked the dates and their Detroit show is January 23rd. With this stellar combo I have to make it to this show.

Below is link shared from the SeetherVEVO You Tube channel for “Words As Weapons.”


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