Gem of the Week: The Offspring ’94 album Smash

10 Sep

Background shot from my phone

This past Saturday I saw The Offspring perform live and the show was special for fans because they performed their ’94 album Smash in its entirety!

The band has been touring this summer celebrating the 20th anniversary for Smash. For their Detroit show they headlined the 2nd annual local radio sponsored festival called Chill on the Hill, which included other great bands on the bill like Bad Religion. (another one of my favorite bands)

The band also reissued a 20th anniversary collector’s edition of Smash on Cd/Vinyl. I have not purchased the collector edition yet but you can order it from the bands official website at

Over the years I have seen The Offspring play live a few times but this show meant a lil’ more to me because 20 years ago I wanted  to see The Offspring when they came with Greenday back in ’94. I still remember the tickets were only $10.00 but I was too young to go to shows alone or buy tickets myself. I tried to win tickets over the radio in hopes that if I got the tickets free that my brother would take me to the show but it never happened. So getting to go to this great reminiscent anniversary show was awesome.

As for their live performance, The Offspring did not disappoint as they poured through the album in their usual high energy and speed. They played Self Esteem last and as an added treat they finished the last half hour of their set playing’ their other hits like Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) and The Kids Aren’t Alright.

I still remember when I first heard the song Come Out and Play and that catchy middle eastern influenced guitar riff instantly hooked me. I also remember Frontman Dexter Holland’s dread-lock era in the b&w music video. I think he looks better now.

Smash will always be a gem of an album to me and I will never forget my first impression of listening to it. It just kicks off in full force with Nitro and doesn’t stop. As a teen there is so much to relate to in that album with songs about things like abuse and addiction. Every track on Smash is catchy and I still love every single song with my personal favorites being Bad Habit and Something To Believe In.

I will never tire from listening to that album. I also figure the band had to name it Smash when they finished recording it because it really could not be called anything less than Smash!

Below is a link shared from Epitaph Records YouTube Channel of Something To Believe In from Smash.

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