Gem of the Week: “Me and Daniel Tosh” by Krispy Kreme

3 Sep


My gem this week goes to the episode of Tosh.0 (2012) featuring rapper Krispy Kreme’s video called Me and Daniel Tosh.

Watching stupid viral videos has become a guilty pleasure and the video for Me and Daniel Tosh is a great indulgence.

Tosh featured Kreme on the show for his then viral video called The Baddest. Kreme used a rap persona of being southern and not too sharp making ridiculous rap videos with his best friend Money Maker Mike. 

But it’s the rap with Tosh that I loved, especially the video. Tosh looks like he is towering over Kreme in height and I liked their silly facial expressions and the cliché moves with the fisheye shots.

I guess Kreme changed his name to Froggy Fresh and he has an official website under his Froggy Fresh name at  Whichever persona he was, is and will be all I know is his videos are funny and the one he did for Tosh is my pick.

Under a quick wiki search I read that his real name is supposedly Tyler Cassidy and he is actually from Detroit.

I am not sure why I like this guy so much maybe it is because I found out he is from Detroit or maybe I just like his stupid funny brand of comedy rap.

I’ll admit some of his videos made me laugh hysterically and some made me wonder if he really is pretending but despite the guessing game his videos have gone viral.

Below I shared the link from ComedyCentral You Tube Channel showing the video for Me and Daniel Tosh.

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