Gem of the Week: Viral Rant By Staind Frontman Aaron Lewis

4 Jun


Staind frontman Aaron Lewis made headlines after he stopped his performance during a music fest to yell and curse at fans who he witnessed groping a teen girl as she crowd surfed.

You can read the article from New York Daily here for the detailed expletive rant that has now gone viral.

I admire Lewis for actually stopping his performance to address the situation. Now that I am older I see more danger in crowd surfing than thrill and issues like younger girls being groped should not happen.

I crowd surfed once a long time ago and I found it an obnoxious experience. You definitely get manhandled through the crowd and I remember feeling people tugging at my clothing. I never desired to try it again.

Lewis had the guts to call out and shame these groping offenders and I think he is awesome for it.

It’s been awhile since I have heard anything new from Staind.

According to a wiki search for his latest news, Lewis ventured into country music which doesn’t surprise me as he seems to transition well from his debut metal roots.

I remember when the band gained popularity in 1999 with their song Mudshovel and how I was immediately drawn to Lewis and his vocals. You can feel his passion and emotions as he sings.

I still hang on to the band’s 2001 album Break the Cycle as another gem in my collection. I loved the acoustic version of the song Outside. I also got to see Staind perform live with the rock and hip-hop tour Family Values back when they toured Detroit in 2001. It was a great show full of raw emotion and passion.

I have shared a link below from Nathanael Krska’s You Tube channel of the rant.


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