Gem of the Week: Slayer Cover On Ukulele

28 May


I clicked on the trending video created by a guy named Rob Scallon and watched him rock out with his ukulele, in his flawless cover of Slayer’s War Ensemble.

While I have never been a huge Slayer fan, I still respect them for having awesome metal guitar solo’s In their songs. I also know their songs are not that easy to play.

I’m impressed with Scallion’s cover and it worked out well on the uke. I love it when someone can put a new spin on things and this guy is doing just that.

The uke seems to have grown in popularity over the years. I even got one as a Christmas gift last year.

Maybe the appeal is that it’s inexpensive and adaptable to any music genre.

Either way Scallon’s song covers are impressive and entertaining to watch. He has a lot of other videos on his You Tube channel that I’m looking forward to checking out.

I have shared the link from Rob Scallon’s You Tube channel below. Check out his cover for War Ensemble.


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