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Pop Culture Reflection: MTV 2014 VMAs

27 Aug


I have not watched an MTV Video Music Awards show in years and when I caught part of it this past Sunday everything seemed so different. Here is what I noticed and what has changed about the VMAs:

The VMAs was not held at Radio City Music Hall in N.Y. instead it was at the Forum in L.A.

I wasn’t familiar with the host or half of the nominees.

There was no hard rock presence whatsoever!

There are categories for awards like Best Video With A Social Message and Artist to Watch!?

The wardrobe style is to wear next to nothing in a glittery and fish netted fashion.

Aside from those changes, the only two artist nominees that I liked from the choices were Eminem and Pharrell Williams.

Eminem is at least a good hip-hop artist who brings back the old school influence. He also represents my hometown of Detroit.

I really like the song Happy by Williams because it’s catchy and I think it beats the competition. Unfortunately, he didn’t win a VMA!

The MTV VMAs just doesn’t appeal to me anymore and it hasn’t in years.

I’m also sadly accepting that hard rock is missing from todays pop dominated music scene and that my beloved rock bands are now considered classic rock!

Below is the video for Happy shared from PharrellWilliamsVEVO You Tube Channel and I think this one really deserved a win.