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Gem of the Week: Pearl Jam’s cover of “Let It Go”

25 Jun


During a live performance in Italy last week, Pearl Jam spontaneously covered part of the Disney track Let It Go from the movie Frozen.

Frontman Eddie Vedder’s rock twist to the popular children tune has been trending over online media and is definitely a gem to check out this week.

The song has been impossible to get away from if your around children. I know I’m tired of hearing it.

According to the article in People.com, the band went into the cover while they performed their song Daughter during their concert in Milan last Friday. The performance was a present for Vedder’s two young daughters.

As I have previously stated in my post from October about their album Lighting Bolt, I’ve been a Pearl Jam fan since they hit the grunge scene in the early 90s.

I think it’s cool that Vedder did this Disney cover for his kids.

Below is the short and sweet clip that will not disappoint fans shared from Nolatiles You Tube channel.