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Gem of the Week: Beck’s New Single Blue Moon

22 Jan

My ode to Beck Illustration

Beck is back with a new album called Morning Phase which I am anxious to listen to since he’s been out of the spotlight for so long.

This is his 12th studio album set to come out on February 25th. Beck’s last album was Modern Guilt. (2008)

After listening to the new single Blue Moon accessed though his official site the vibe is very acoustic-folk and I like it.

I am looking forward to picking up the new album and checking out the rest of the tracks.

According to Rolling Stone, Beck has been recovering from a back injury and he stated in the article :

“I was in bad shape. There were a number of years where I couldn’t pick up my guitar.”

I was definitely happy to hear that he is on the mend and making music again.

Rolling Stone is also comparing this new album to his 2002 album Sea Change. I haven’t listened through the entire new album yet to say that I agree but Sea Change is Beck’s gold album and my favorite song off it is  The Golden Age so we will see.

What I appreciate about Beck’s style is that he explores blending his influences from hip-hop, classic rock or country into his music. I also love that he releases his albums on vinyl.

I distinctly remember his debut as a new artist on MTV and when the music video for his breakthrough hit Loser first aired back in 1993. I have never forgotten that moment and the video and song had a lasting impression.

The glimpses of cheerleaders in a cemetery and that old man with the guitar was memorable along with lyrics that still ring in my head today like:

“Get crazy with the cheeze whiz.” and “Don’t believe everything that you breathe you’ll get a parking violation and a maggot on your sleeve.”

It’s been cool to see Beck transition over the years from his alternative grunge start to psychedelic and into the folksy mood he projects now and as a fan I love it all.

My heart mostly hangs on to his early 90s stuff from albums like Mellow Gold and Odelay and songs like Where It’s At and The New Pollution are still in my favorites list.

I found a link from BeckVEVO You Tube channel for the video to Loser enjoy flashin’ back to 1993!