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Pop Culture Reflection: The Tonight Show

19 Feb

My welcome poster to Fallon

I think Jimmy Fallon delivered a stellar debut in New York on Monday as Tonight Show host with his first guests Will Smith and U2.

His opening remark kicked things off in the right direction:

“I’m Jimmy Fallon and I’ll be your host … for now!”

The joke was a light-hearted reference to his predecessor Jay Leno leaving then coming back to host The Tonight Show after the clash between the network and Conan O’Brien four years ago.

I’ll miss Jay Leno but he had a good 22 year run on the show and I’m looking forward to Fallon taking the reigns.

I was a fan of Fallon’s comedy from his Saturday Night Live days and I especially like when he does his ‘Late Night Superlatives’.

Some of my favorite highlights was seeing celebrities like Rudy Guliani, Mike Tyson, Lady Gaga and many more walking up to drop money onto Fallon’s desk for losing the bet that he would become The Tonight Show host.

His evolution of hip-hop dancing with Smith was the best part for me because I remember actually doing those dances in middle school like The Running Man and Kid ‘N Play. My two favorites that had me laughing the most was The Stanky Legg and The Steal The Face Then Swallow It And Throw It Back Up. (I included the You Tube clip below because it’s too hilarious to miss)

Now, I have not listened to U2 since they released Zooropa in 1993 but I did think the live performance on top of the Rockefeller Center was cool and I also liked the acoustic performance of Ordinary Love.

I have always related to Fallon because he appreciates the same 90’s era sitcoms and alternative bands that I like, such as Pearl Jam and shows like Saved By The Bell.

I look forward to his future with The Tonight Show.

This is the link from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon You Tube channel for the hip-hop dancing clip.