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Legends of Rock: David Bowie At His Best In 2013

13 Nov

As a huge David Bowie fan I was looking  forward to The Next Day Extra, an expanded collector’s edition released on November 5th.

The extra edition includes a copy of the original album The Next Day (released back in March of this year ) along with a dvd and 10-track bonus cd which includes five unreleased songs.

According to his official website, he had not released a new album in ten years and he surprised fans with his new material in 2013.

I listened through the new stuff from the extended edition and I love the remix of Love is Lost and I also liked God Bless the Girl because the way he sings it reminds me of his hit Let’s Dance.

I also liked The Informer and Born in a UFO which both have that quavery sound in the vain of his well-known hit Space Oddity.

I have always loved Bowie because he is an eclectic singer/song-writer who fuses fashion, style and art into his music. Not to mention he paved the way for glam rock  creating his Ziggy Stardust persona in the 70s.

One of my favorite Bowie albums is his 1977 release Heroes. In fact, the cover artwork for The Next Day uses the Heroes album cover obscured with a white square. An article by Chris Roberts from The Quietus put it best stating,

“He is still fashion, still twitching, as the artwork for The Next Day – papering over the old icons – and the self-referential new videos insinuate. Bowie Fever has, entertainingly, dominated 2013 thus far.”

I remember hearing Bowie songs like China Girl and Fame in 80’s movies and being attracted to his music.

I am also a fan of the 1986 fantasy cult classic movie Labyrinth which starred Bowie as Jareth a Goblin King with a wild maze. I absolutely loved that movie as a kid and I thought Bowie was so cool with his spinning crystal balls.

In the mid 90s he head lined a tour with Nine Inch Nails opening for him and I was dying to go to that show but I was too young.

I am hoping with the new material that he will surprise fans with a possible tour maybe!? (crossing my fingers)

From Bowie’s style to song lyrics, he continues to create music like only a legendary artist of his stature could.

I have included a link from Redsails2008 You Tube channel for Heroes.