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Gem of the Week: “Cough Syrup” by Butthole Surfers

25 Mar


My gem this week goes to “Cough Syrup” by hardcore rockers Butthole Surfers. The song carries that familiar 90s era alternative sound. But this band came out of the 80s punk hardcore scene and formed a reputation for putting on weird live shows.

The track “Cough Syrup” is from the band’s album Electriclarryland (1996) and the album is consistent with droning/grunge guitars throughout. The more well-known hit  from this album was “Pepper” but my favorite is “Cough Syrup.” There is something about it that makes it a dark hidden gem. This week seemed like the perfect time to dust the song off and revisit its grungy glory.

Another weird rumor that I had read once about the Butthole Surfers was that they moved to Georgia to stalk members of R.E.M. Now, R.E.M is my favorite band of all time and if this rumor was true I have to give respect to their odd and creepy desire to stalk the greatness that is R.E.M.  But I’m pretty sure their reputation for hidden drug references in songs and doing weird things is all within their territory. I have always liked their music enough that I can overlook their creepy quirks.

Below is the link for “Cough Syrup” shared from Larry Bagina’s You Tube Channel.