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Pop Culture Reflection: Schoolhouse Rock!

24 Sep

My collector thermos that I’m not ashamed to still use

My reflection this week goes to my early childhood memories of the Schoolhouse Rock! series. If you were a kid growing up in the 70s or early 80s then you would remember these musical educational cartoon shorts that would air between Saturday morning cartoons.

Schoolhouse Rock! was a great idea because those short catchy tunes did teach me information that I can still recall as an adult.

Unfortunately there is not an official Schoolhouse Rock! website. I only came across Wikipedia facts which states that the series creator was David McCall and it ran from 1973 – 1985.

There is a 30th anniversary DVD released in 2002 that has all original 46 shorts. I own the collection and it’s sold by Disney. You can also look up any Schoolhouse Rock! video on You Tube.

Some of the more popular Schoolhouse Rock! shorts were: “Three Is A Magic Number,” “I’m Just A Bill” and “Conjunction Junction.” My favorites included: “Interplanet Janet,” “Figure Eight,” and “Unpack Your Adjectives.”

Now, “Interplanet Janet” appealed to me the most because I use to love drawing planets and learning about the solar system as a kid.

On wiki it states that Lynn Ahrens wrote and performed “Interplanet Janet.” (1978) And thanks to “Interplanet Janet” I will always remember facts about the sun because:

“She’s been to the sun it’s a lot of fun. It’s hotspot!  It’s a gas! hydrogen and helium in a big bright glowing mass.”

Below is the “Interplanet Janet” video shared from Us Chronicle’s You Tube Channel.