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Gem of the week: “Turn Away” by Beck

11 Feb

beck My gem this week goes to my favorite track “Turn Away” from Beck’s Grammy winning album Morning Phase.

I’m a huge Beck fan and I’m happy that he won for Best Rock Album and Album of the Year for Morning Phase.

I previously wrote about my anticipation for the album in my post from Jan 22, 2014 and in my post from July 2, 2014 I covered how much I loved Beck in concert. His live show in Detroit was one of the best shows I have ever been to. Beck is truly a super talented artist.

As for Kanye West rushing the stage acting like a jack ass once again I think Beck’s reaction to his stupidity was perfect and I’m going to leave it at that.

Congrats to Beck for his well deserved win!

Below is the link for “Turn Away” shared from U2ultravioletero’s You tube channel.

Gem of the Week: Beck’s Unforgettable Live Show in Detroit

2 Jul


Beck had no problem pulling double-duty for his Detroit show Saturday night at The Fox Theatre after his openers canceled. Detroit fans got treated to one amazing night filled with a crazy animated extended set.

His performance was one of the best and most diverse shows I have ever been to. Watching him live changed my initial perception of thinking he was still this odd guy from the 90s who marches to his own drum. I found that Beck is sexy, fun, charismatic and clad in his black suit and hat.

The opening act scheduled was Sean Lennon’s Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger who According to an article from The Detroit News, canceled because of issues with crossing the Canadian border.

With Beck’s sense of humor loosely in tact he decided to open up for himself and kicked off the first half of the show by performing a slower melodic acoustic set. He opened with The Golden Age from his 2002 album Sea Change and he ran through songs from his latest album Morning Phase.

Beck then took a short break and what came for the second half of the show was an unforgettable break dancing, beat slammin’ party kicking off in full force with Devils Haircut and the vibe ran from there.

Beck absolutely killed it performance wise. He poured through hits like New Pollution, Hell Yes, Girl, E-Pro, Loser (of course) and he even tossed in a Donna Summer cover of I Feel Love. He can throw down rap, funk, slow jams and hip-hop all in one big explosive punch.

He is pure talent who knows the art of putting on a great live show. If you can do that for your fans then I say you are as good as gold and Beck is definitely golden.

I also have a lil’ bit of Beck fever now because the impact of the show has left me talking about him to my friends and family like a nerdy teen. My husband and friend were with me at the show and it’s now days later yet we are still reflecting about our favorite moments from the show.

A few reasons I feel Beck’s performance came out so strong is that he actually has a bond with his band mates and you can sense it. He also has a great sense of humor, James Brown dance skills and the talent and freedom to create music in whatever mood and genre he has his mind-set to.

My music taste is not pinned to any specific genre and neither is Beck and that is what attracts me most to his music.

I actually found some fan shot footage from the Detroit show. This clip is of the encore shared from Robert Ferry’s You Tube channel.