Pop Culture Reflection: “The Addams Family” Theme

10 Dec



My pop culture reflection tributes the famous theme to 60s quirky cult classic sitcom “The Addams Family“.

According to USA Today, Ken Weatherwax who played Pugsley on the show passed away this past Sunday on December 7th. The article also noted that original show ran from 1964- 1966.

I have always loved “The Addams Family” theme ever since I was a kid. During the 80s when they played re-runs of the show I use to at least listen to the theme even if I wasn’t going to watch that particular episode. Whenever I hear the famous song the first thing that pops into my head are the snapping fingers and folded arms.

I always felt the whole idea for “The Addams Family” with its’ gothic, spooky themes and characters was unique for its time. Over the past 50 years the show has become yet another notable pop culture gem.

Below is the original theme song shared from Barry Cassidy’s You Tube channel.

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