Gem of the Week: Jimmy Fallon Feat. Will.I.Am “Ew!”

8 Oct



My gem this week goes to Jimmy Fallon and Black Eyed Peas singer, Will.I.Am’s official music video for “Ew!” based off The Tonight Show sketch.

If you are not familiar with the sketch Ew! it’s Fallon’s alter ego as a teen girl named Sara who says Ew about everything she dislikes.

The first Ew! sketch I watched featured Will Ferrell and First Lady Michelle Obama talking about being active. I thought it was absolutely hilarious.

Yesterday Fallon premiered Ew! on his show and I instantly loved it. He also talked about how the collaboration came together after Will.I.Am told Fallon that he was a fan of the sketch.

Will.I.Am did a great job making the song catchy and of course he added some old school influence which I think he is good at.

The video is hysterical with Will.I.Am wearing a headgear retainer and tights while Fallon has a pink bow and shows off his decent rap skills towards the end of the song.

Fallon also stated yesterday on his show that his goal for the song was to break into the Billboard top 100 and he asked fans to download the song and to call local radio stations to request it.

Below is the link to the video shared from The Tonight Show You Tube channel.

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