Gem of the Week: “Flood” by Jars of Clay

20 Aug


The song Flood by christian alternative band Jars of Clay came to mind after Detroit got hit with historic heavy rain last week. This song is an old gem from my 90s collection.

I remember when I first heard Flood back in ’95  It surprised me that it was such a good song coming from a christian band. This song changed my perception that not all christian rock was lame. There was nothing lame about Flood it was catchy and fast with a raw acoustic quality. The lyrics were uplifting and passionate. The band’s style also fit in with the rest of the alternative grungy sound of the time.

I didn’t follow the band all these years even though I liked their ’95 self titled debut album which had other good tracks I listened to like Love Song for a Savior and Blind.

The band is currently celebrating 20 years of success as indicated by a creative You Tube clip when you go to their website They just released a 2 CD fan favorite greatest hits titled 20 yesterday. (August 19th)

According to their website the songs are all newly recorded and includes two new tracks. Basically they did not compile your run of the mill collection. I noticed that it actually doesn’t even include Flood but I listened through 20 on iTunes and I really like it. The songs are acoustic with a fresh spin on things.

I guess my timing to reflect on their debut hit from the 90s fits right into their 20 year celebration which is cool!

Below is the link for the music video to Flood, You Tube had some different versions of the video. I found the original video on Daily Motion.


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