Gem of the Week: Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet

6 Aug


My gem this week goes out to Canadian instrumental rock band, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet.

This is one of those under the radar bands that I listened to in my teens. No one I ever talk to recognizes them by name but are usually familiar with their most well-known song, Having an Average Weekend, from their 1990 album Savvy Show Stoppers. The 90s sketch comedy show Kids in the Hall used the song for its theme.

Since I am reflecting on them this week and it’s been so long since I have even thought about them, I tried researching to see what’s new with the band.

I couldn’t find an official website but they have a Facebook page showing they are together and playing local shows in Toronto, Canada.

I am really glad to see they are still around because they are a talented  band.

According to their Facebook page they have been playing since 1984.

I was not a huge fan of Kids in the Hall but I loved the theme song. I didn’t know the name of the song and I remember the credits to the show always ran too fast for me to catch it.

So while out shopping one day I decided to ask someone at the record store in the mall. I walked straight up to the store clerk and started telling him how I liked this song but I didn’t know the name of it. I got stuck for a moment trying to figure out how to describe how it sounds since the song is an instrumental. I then blurted out, “Hey! Have you ever watched The Kids in the Hall?!”  Before I could finish he ran over to an aisle and came back holding a CD that had a bold orange cover. He handed it to me and pointed on the back telling me the song title and indicating the track number, of course I was ecstatic. He also told me the band was from Canada and that I would love them.

The clerk was right because I ended up liking that entire album. The first track Good Cop Bad Cop just starts the album in a badass direction and I use to really like the scratchy riff in Run Chicken Run. My favorite song from the whole album was Bennett Cerf. I felt it was even more catchy then Having an Average Weekend.  All I can say is that it’s simply an amazing instrumental rock/ alternative album.

This band has a special place in my collection because I can specifically remember that whole experience of buying the album, discovering this band and how great I thought the music was when I first  listened to it.

I would also like to compliment them for choosing one of the coolest and most creative names for a band!

I have shared the link of the band performing Having an Average Weekend live from  Rivum_nation’s You Tube Channel.

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