Gem of the Week: Casey Kasem

14 May

This week’s gem is reflecting on the work of radio icon and voice artist Casey Kasem.

I thought of him this week after seeing the news coverage that he is ill and missing.

According to an NBC News article written
by Maria Elena Fernandez, there has been a feud between Kasem’s wife and his kids over his care. His wife moved him from the facility he was getting care from and so far nobody knows where he is, including his kids. The issue is in court and the judge became concerned and assigned an investigator to locate Kasem’s whereabouts.

Kasem is from my hometown of Detroit and I have always thought he was cool. There is a down to earth and personable quality about him. He became known for creating and hosting the radio countdown American Top 40 that is now hosted by Ryan Seacrest. He also did the voicing for Shaggy from Scooby Doo. (one of my favorite cartoons)

I always felt that Kasem really knew his stuff when it came to his music picks and countdowns.  I liked his radio show because he would do dedications and add facts and information about the artists too.

I have even bought Kasem compilation albums and my favorite one is his christmas song picks because it was the only holiday compilation that had all of traditional songs I was looking for. When it comes to compilations I would trust his picks over any others.

Kasem was a big part of 80s pop culture when I was a kid and he truly is a broadcasting legend. I  hope he is found safe and I will always remember Kasem’s famous countdown radio sign off:

“Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.”

Below is a link from Stonecoldmarl0316 You Tube channel showing a Scooby Doo clip of Shaggy doing his impression of Kasem, which is clever and funny.


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