Gem of the Week: Biz Markie

2 Apr


Hip-hop great Biz Markie is my gem of week for his natural story telling charm as a rapper. I choose to flash back to his hit, Just a Friend off his 1989 album The Biz Never Sleeps.

I was in 5th grade when the song came out and it brings back memories of classic hip-hop songs that were big during that time.

My favorite part of the song which is also the part that gets stuck in my head is his humorous crooning.

“You, you got what I need but you say he’s just a friend And you say he’s just a friend, oh baby You…”

According to his official site, he has never slowed down with his freestyle, beat boxin’ music projects,which is cool. He still DJs and he has even taken part in Nick Jr’s kids show Yo Gabba Gabba doing a beat box of the day.

He also paired with rock band Flaming Lips and pop artist Ke$ha for the song 2012 (You Must Be Upgraded) and though it was an offbeat collaboration, it still turned cool with a trippy pop sound.

Biz has this witty, quirky and good-natured style about him and I think that is the reason he has longevity and remains in a respectable light.

He has scheduled summer tour dates taking part in reunion hip-hop tours like the 7th Annual Roots Picnic coming up May 31st in Philadelphia.

Below is the link for Just a Friend on Vimeo from his official site.


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