Gem of the Week: Flipper

19 Mar


Reflecting this week on Flipper, a early 80s hardcore punk band from California.

I love old school punk bands like Dead Kennedys and Black Flag but I remembered Flipper because I was a  Nirvana fan and I know Flipper was one of their biggest influences.

Krist Novoselic (former bass player of Nirvana) also played with Flipper for short while. According to their official site the band asked Novoselic to join them and they went on tour with The Melvins in 2006.

Their website also showed that the band was still touring as of 2012 but that was the latest update posted.

I love the heavy old school trash punk sound and the song Ha Ha Ha from Flipper’s 1984 album Blow’n Chunks is a perfect example.

I couldn’t help but feature them as my Gem of the Week.

I found a link for Ha Ha Ha from Magnus Sellergren’s You Tube Channel, enjoy!

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