Gem of the Week: London Grammar

5 Mar


I love when I can listen to a band that sounds new and refreshing; London Grammar has that raw quality.

My best friend got me to check them out and according to the bands official Facebook page the trio is from London. The singer Hannah Reid has a mesmerizing and soothing quality to her voice.

I listened through their debut  studio album If You Wait on iTunes and I love the melodic vibe.

It really is a great album to check out and so far my favorite tracks are Sights and Hey Now

iTunes classifies their genre as alternative but I think experimental indie pop is a better description.

The offbeat quality of their sound and music videos remind me a bit of Bjork.

London Grammar’s most powerful impact is definitely Reid’s vocals.

I look forward to hearing more from this band and checking them out live when they come to town.

You can watch their videos and listen to their music from the bands official site.

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