Pop Culture Reflection: Adam Sandler’s Chanukah Song

27 Nov

My nostalgic mood for reflecting on 1994 has focused on my holiday music favorite,  Adam Sandler’s Chanukah Song.

I remember when I first watched him perform it on Saturday Night Live (SNL) in 1994 and laughing at all of his clever list of jewish celebrities.

The song is close to being 20 years old and I love how it has grown into this holiday tradition.

Of course I like his other comedic songs and more appropriate this week would be his Thanksgiving song. But I think the Chanukah Song has become his best well-known holiday favorite.

I also enjoy how Sandler has added lines and made revisions to his celebrity list throughout the years.

I always look forward to hearing what he has added and this year he added that its Thanksgivukkah, which is referencing how Thanksgiving and the first day of Hanukkah are on the same day.

According to an article in Miami Herald the two holidays will not occur on the same day again for more than 70,000 years.

I have linked a live version from Happy Madison You Tube channel of Sandler’s holiday hit.

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