Legends of Rock: 90s Grunge Rockers Pearl Jam With New Album

23 Oct

Seattle rock legends Pearl Jam released a new album called Lighting Bolt, which is great news for grunge era fans like myself.

The album is their 10th studio album and was recently released on October 15.

The band has also started touring with the dates listed on the bands official website.

I listened through the tracks and I liked the song Mind Your Manners which has a faster thrash style beat in the vain of an old school punk song.

The mood becomes a little calmer with the song Sirens but my favorite so far is Let the Records Play, which has a rockin’ bluesy kick.

You can stream through the full album on iTunes .

Pearl Jam have been around for 23 years and are one of the key bands born out of the 90s grunge scene.

The bands line up has remained original except for the drummer:

Eddie Vedder – lead vocal and rhythm guitar

Stone Gossard – rhythm and lead guitar

Mike McCready – lead guitar

Jeff Ament – bass guitar

Matt Cameron – drums

My two all time favorite albums that I definitely exhausted playing are Vitalogy (1994) and Yield (1998).

Late Night with Jimmy Fallen is dedicating a week of love to Pearl Jam from October 21 to 25 following the release of the new album.

Pearl Jam is also known for supporting social and political issues and are environmental activists.

You can read more about what the band supports under their activism tab on the bands official site.


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