Gem of the Week: P.M. Dawn

25 Sep

“Reality used to be a friend of mine ‘Cause complete control I don’t take too kind,” Prince Be.

These classic lyrics from the 1991 song by P.M. Dawn, Set ADrift on Memory Bliss, still inspires me today as it did during the 90s.
The group comprised of brothers Prince Be (lead vocals) and DJ Minute Mix; they had a cool image from the bizarre way they dressed to the deep thought-provoking lyrics in their songs.
According to the fan site, Prince Be stated the meaning of the group name was an the idea that in the darkest hour comes the light.

I researched to find updated news about them and I found this online article posted September 28, 2011 from The

The article basically stated that DJ Minute Mix is pursuing a solo career and the groups cousin Doc  G stepped in his place.  Also, Prince Be has suffered from health issues after having three strokes and is still trying to recover.

I wish Prince Be full recovery and I only have fond memories listening to P.M. Dawn on the radio during my preteen middle school days!

Their classic 1991 album, Of The Heart, Of The Soul and Of The Cross: The Utopian Experience, set it off with the hits: Set Adrift on Memory Bliss and my favorite Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine.

All I know is that when I listened to P.M. Dawn I heard mellow and smooth vocals with lyrics that I could comprehend unlike the hip-hop/r&b music that I hear playing on the radio today!

P.M. Dawn wrote the type of songs that you could relate too and I will not forget them.

I have linked the classic video from Djbuddyloverootsrap You Tube channel below.


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  1. Eva September 26, 2013 at 2:32 pm #

    You’re taking me way way back…


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