Gem of the Week: The Dead Milkmen

7 Aug

The Dead Milkmen popped into my head after I talked with my best friend about seeing a free show at Freedom Hill.

About twelve years ago my best friend and I use to love going to Freedom Hill and we attended this free show that will always stick out in our minds over the confusion it caused.

A flyer for the show listed a line up of a couple local bands and the main act as The Milkmen!

I somehow thought the flyer was referring to 80s punk band The Dead Milkmen and apparently I wasn’t alone in thinking that!

At the show I remember my best friend and I hung around to listen to the first couple bands as we waited for the main act.

There wasn’t a huge draw and I remember seeing one guy leaning against a post in a Dead Kennedy’s shirt. Another guy wearing a NOFX shirt was still moshing  even though the music had stopped.

I also recall  seeing this old hippie guy who was at least in his 70s. He wore a faded army jacket with patches on it along with a red bandana over his gray hair. The old guy kept slowly walking through trying to check out woman.

I then saw three high school age teens start setting up on stage.

When I first glanced at the band members I thought, wow they still look very young! Of course then it became clear, they were not The Dead Milkmen at all!

Even the band had to address this fact by specifying their band name was The Milkmen and not to confuse them with The Dead Milkmen!

The confusion got some eye rolls and whatever expressions from locals but I ended up staying for the show just to see if they were any good. I don’t really remember if The Milkmen were good but the mix up was funny and is filed in my mind!

I’m not sure if those teens chose a similar band name to draw people to their shows; If they did then it sure as hell worked!

Alas, I never got to see the real band! The memory made me nostalgic to listen to The Dead Milkmen’s music again.

After searching You Tube I stumbled across an HD upload of the music video for Punk Rock Girl!

Please enjoy the link from TimothyTim30 You Tube channel. For a full 80s experience you may want to whip up a glass of Tang and wear your old high tops.

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