Pop Culture Reflection: 90s Era and First album I bought on CD

21 Feb

I set my radio to the classic rock station and caught the beginning of the song Poison by Alice Cooper playing. Great song from the album Trash!

It also happened to be the first album I bought on compact disc back when I started converting from cassette to CD.

The song flashed me back to the mid 90s when I opened my Aiwa sound system CD player for Christmas ’94. I remember being so eager to start buying CDs.

Trash is a short and sweet album with 10 rockin’ tracks with guest vocals by artists like Bon Jovi. The album has the whole cheesy glam rock late 80s flavor but it carries a consistent flow and remains one of my favorite albums.

I loved the song Poison and I remember watching the music video on MTV when I was in fourth grade.

I always loved the end of the video when the temptress woman stands in the doorway dressed like Alice Cooper then she lifts up her head and takes her wig off revealing her blond hair and takes a sip from her wine glass.

But off to the side the real Alice Cooper is standing there holding up a tiny bottle of Poison.

Nice lil’ gotcha at the end showing her that she did not conquer him! It is cheesy and lame but I loved it.

I definitely over played Trash with my then brand new Aiwa system.

I also remember doing this silly experiment by attaching the sub woofer to my CD player and then turning it up to max volume! (80 watts) Then I would grab the stereo remote hit pause and then stand outside my bedroom doorway and hit play.

I would do this just to feel my windows and entire room vibrate from that bass! I don’t know why but it felt so cool even though I never would need to listen to anything at that ear splitting volume.

I also played certain songs that made no sense to play loud with bass, like I would pop in Chris Isaak’s album San Francisco Days and listen to the song 5:15 which was a very mellow song!

I guess I just liked hearing how any song sounded on that system!

I tried to recall what my first official download was when I got my MP3 player but I’m not sure since I downloaded a bunch of songs at once.

All I can recall is that Supersonic by JJ Fad and Wheel in the sky by Journey were in that block of my first downloads.

Farewell to my 90s memories when transitioning from cassette tapes to CDs was the latest trend and owning a bulky multi disc changer CD players was cool even though it took up the whole corner of your bedroom.

Check out the link below from Retro Time TV You Tube channel for Alice Cooper’s music video for Poison.

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