Gem of the Week: Local Record Store Closing Sale!

25 Feb

My latest album hunt has been at Record Time in Roseville.  The store will be closing during the first week of March and everything is for sale including glass cases, record players, magazine racks…you name it.  The records are $1.00 each and used cds are mostly 75% off.  I hate to see that they are closing since it’s one of the few music stores left standing.  I know everybody downloads and buys music online but I still support the good old fashion experience of walking into a store and buying music.

If you collect records like I do then it’s worth checking it out since the back of the store is still full of boxes.  I also saw small amounts of t-shirts, posters, old issues of rock magazines and pins spread throughout the store. I even spotted some VHS tapes and 8tracks for any of you pop culture collectors.

The only setback is that most of the selection has been picked over. The records are spilling out of bins and boxes so you literally have to hunt through each box one by one if you’re looking for something specific.  I would estimate a good half hour if you want to dig through it.  I walked out of there with six cds and three records for $11.87!    As I was searching through used cds I had fun flash backs of names I had forgotten like Haddaway, Tonic, Young MC,  2Pac and Tag Team…just to name a few.  The store is also hosting local bands each weekend until they officially close the doors.  Check out their website for more information

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